Krav Maga Classes by Chi Anyanwu!

Krav Maga Classes by Chi! (Starting Wednesday 19th October)

Krav Maga Classes at Holborn Studios

Holborn Studios will be offering Krav Maga, Fitness and Conditioning classes. Basically you’ll get your cardio and conditioning fix while boxing and learning self-defence techniques - all in one neat package to keep you in shape, motivated and fully badass right here on Eagle Wharf Road!

Chi is a qualified Civilian Krav Maga instructor under KMG and worked with the Institute KM UK. He also works as an Education Mentor and has trained with championship athletes and Olympic hopefuls.

What techniques will Krav Maga teach me?

Krav Maga is based on natural reaction and instinctive moves. It’s designed for everyone and you’ll learn to punch and kick, use your bag or whatever is at hand. Along with learning how to defend these same attacks you will defend against chokes and grabs to begin with... further training includes weapons and multiple attackers and more! 

Everyone is nice at the Studios, what are the benefits of the class?

Because winter is coming! The benefits include stress relief, staying in shape, mental resilience and increased confidence - which are all good things! The primary functions of the classes are fitness, awareness and confidence-building. Each session will include cardiovascular and strength building exercises, also stretching to increase flexibility, while putting emphasis on agility, strength, accuracy and coordination - not all punchy and kicky.

But I'm not very fit, can I still train?

The system and classes are for everyone. Even if you’ve done no exercise for an age, you’ll learn at your own pace with no egos so if you are not in shape this will not matter. The person that can do one sit up but is gritting their teeth to do two has the right attitude.

What if I have never taken martial arts classes before?

It doesn’t matter. All you need is the willingness to work hard and have fun. Y ou’ll be learning a differ ent set of skills that work for those who have and haven’t. The classes at the studios will focus on mind and body conditioning, determination and moreover will be enjoyable for all.

Will I lose weight?

Yes. Losing weight is definitely a side- benefit of Krav Maga. Classes always include a warm-up and a workout.

What do I wear to class?

Comfortable clothes and trainers! Simples.

Sign me up! Where and when?

Classes will start Wednesday 19th October at 18:00 and will be £10/class. Email for more information and to register interest or ask at reception!