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Film studio Testimonials from Holborn Studios clients

“The Abbey Road of photography.”

 Helmut Newton

“More than any other London studio, Holborn has got History. From the multitude of iconic shoots over the last three decades to the classic images that adorn the walls. But it’s more than just that, when you photograph there you can feel it too. There are many popular shooting spaces in this town but Holborn is more than just “pop,” it has soul too.”

Ray Burmiston

“The best studio in London! Relaxed, amazing, helpful assistants AND great food! What more could you want?” 

Nicky Johnston

“Holborn Studios is where I’ve been shooting since my career began in the early ’90s. It’s part of photography’s history and its future.”

Tony Briggs

“I have shot some of my most iconic pictures here including actors, musicians and models. Whenever asked which studio I would prefer it’s always Holborn.”

Ian Derry

“I have been shooting at Holborn Studios for over 20 years now. With its three large drive in coves and a wide selection of other studio spaces, it makes for a very versatile location to suit all client needs. Whether capturing stills or directing tvc’s, its two extensive in house lighting departments offer the flexibility to quickly adjust my specific lighting needs on the day, be it flash, HMI or tungsten. Situated on the Grand Union Canal the studio also has the benefit of the bar and restaurant directly on the waterside, which is a nice touch.” 

Chris Lane

I’ve been using Holborn Studios for 30 years and in all that time I’ve found them incredibly professional, their staff and assistants have always been really helpful. I think Holborn is one of the best run studios in London.” 

John Swannell

“Holborn Studios have been a major part of my professional life since the late 80’s; I was an assistant, the studios were based in Back Hill and the owner had very big glasses. Turns out that was Vince, the patriarch of the infamous McCartney clan. His sons, Mikey and Billy now run the business – A family business. A family business that I, (along with numerous other photographers), feel like an adopted son and brother. I have worked in most of the rental studios in London, but when it is up to me, my first choice has and will always be Holborn. The variety of studios always means I can find something to suit my budget and the fantastic staff always do everything to accommodate my needs.” 

Adam Lawrence

“The original and still the best, managed by the most resourceful studio crew I’ve ever encountered. Their credo seems to be ‘If you need one we’ve got it, if we haven’t we’ll get it’. The home from home for photographers in London.” 

Bill Ling

“Like many of my peers, my career in Image making began at Holborn Studios. My time spent at the studio has been invaluable to me building my career in the industry. Having made the transition from Assistant to Photographer, Holborn continues to support me and my work, for which I’m very thankful.” 

Jack Webber

“We had a great session. First time at Holborn for me and I don’t see how I’ll ever want to work anywhere else” 

Ray Tarantino

“My first choice when booking a studio in London! Large clean spaces, easy access, parking on-site and friendly faces to help with those last minute requests! Plus the food in ‘The Commissary’ is excellent too”. 

Dan Goldsmith

“I’ve been shooting at Holborn studios for the past 10 years and can honestly say it’s the most accommodating, friendly and well equipped set of studios in London. They provide studios of all sizes and layouts to suit your requirements and have the most up to date lighting and studio equipment available at any given moment. Their in-house catering is always of the highest quality and their restaurant is a great place to relax and dine with clients. Holborn Studios is a truly great environment to create your finest work and I sincerely hope to be shooting here for many more years to come.” 

Simon Webb

“We need to save Holborn Studios because this is history!” 

Simon Cowell

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